Pet Sitting Policies


The initial first meeting will be at no charge. This will give us and your furry feline an opportunity to get to know each other, learn the needs of your pets and become familiar with your home. This visit usually takes 30-45 minutes. Relevant forms will be completed and signed at this time for any commencement and confirmation of cat sitting services. Keys will also be collected at this time. (There is no obligation for you to book at this time, however, any subsequent visits will be charged at the regular drop-in visit price.)


It is understood and agreed between Owner and Sitter that the agreement contemplates that Owner will be in need of Cat Cuddles n’ Care services from time to time in the future. It is further understood and agreed that the obligations contained herein shall apply to each provision of services in the future, without the need of entering into another agreement. Any future bookings must be confirmed in writing/email of specified dates of services. Owner will be notified of any price or policy changes prior to new booking confirmation by email.


We have no minimum booking time guideline, but we do recommend booking well in advance to reserve an opening especially during holidays.
It is important to us to accommodate your cat sitting time requests, but please be aware set times can not be guaranteed. Cats needing medication will be given time priority.
Please we ask you confirm reservation two days prior to leaving and a courtesy call to let us know you have arrived home on the scheduled day of completion of services.


Our current payment methods at this time are cash or cheque made payable to Cat Cuddles N’ Care. We require full payment in advance for confirmation of dates for services. A fee of $30.00 will be applied for NSF cheques.
Any refunds owing to Client will be paid within 30 days.


We require 3 days cancellation notice prior to scheduled start date of services for full refund. Any cancellations made with less than the required 3 days will be refunded 50% of the total amount for services agreed upon. Due to scheduling, there will be no refunds for early returns or late departures.


Keys must be provided at time of initial confirmation of services. If you choose to have your key picked up at a later time or dropped off after services, there will be a fee of $12.00 each way. You will have the option of keeping your key on file with us for any future bookings to prevent the key pick up/drop off fee. We ask you have an alternate contact with a key if we are unavailable to see your pets due to an unlikely emergency.


Veterinarian information will be required at time of booking and a Veterinary Release Form must be signed. If Owner can not be reached during emergency, we will not hesitate in taking your cat to the vet. The Sitter will not be liable for costs incurred from vet visits.
A charge of $35.00 per hour to be paid by owner if your pet requires to be taken to vet and ongoing care while you are absent.
In the event of an emergency, the Sitter shall contact the Owner at the numbers provided to confirm Owner’s choice of action. If owner can not be reached in a timely manner, the Sitter is authorized to:
-Transport the pet(s) to the listed veterinarian;
-Request on site treatment from a veterinarian;
-Transport the pet(s) to an emergency clinic if the previous two options are not feasible


If Owners home is equipped with a burglar alarm, Owner agrees to provide sufficient instructions to arm and disarm the system. If during the service period, a security system generates a false alarm, or if the system fails to generate an alarm under legitimate circumstances, the Sitter is not responsible for fees.


Please insure there will be enough supplies for you pet while you are away (food, litter, medication etc…) You will be responsible for reimbursing the cost of supplies and $20 re-stocking fee.


The Sitter will carry insurance relative to the services performed for the Owner. The Sitter accepts no liability for any breach of security or loss of or damage to the Owners property if any other person has access to the property during the term of the agreement. Owner agrees to waive and release Cat Cuddles n’ Care and/or their representatives from any claim from injury, loss, and/or death of Owners pet(s) and from any claim for loss and/or damage to Owners property including, but not limited to, that caused by Owners pet(s).

*Policies subject to change